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Why join the DISCOVER Team?

An opportunity to help students realize their passions. 

Support students in developing skills that will build the foundation of their success.

A flexible way to earn volunteer hours.

A way to garner valuable teaching experience. 

Volunteering is all online, whenever you're available. All we ask for is a minimum 2 hours/week commitment.

Work with students from Grades 4-12 with diverse skillsets and learning preferences.

Volunteering with DISCOVER is a flexible way for post-secondary students to earn volunteer hours while making a genuine impact in the lives of students across Alberta. We give volunteers the freedom to set their own availability and tutor online, so it is easy and accessible for both students and tutors.

As a volunteer tutor, you will be expected to be either a current post-secondary student or a recent grad, with an academic background in the subjects you tutor. 

Once accepted and after completing our mandatory training session, volunteers will be open to be booked for tutoring sessions through our website, with a limit of 2 weeks in advance for appointment bookings and a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellations and rescheduling.

Within our general volunteer application to be an online tutor, we also include the option to mark your interest in other volunteer opportunities if you would like to further apply your skills and knowledge to better support our education endeavours!

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Our Application Process

Apply to be a tutor

Commit to at least 2 hours/week

Work with students

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