Two Main Services:

Academic Guidance

  • We offer one-to-one peer-tutoring, aiming to create a study environment, organized by subject and grade. With a volunteer tutor assigned to each subject, we we provide a safe and inclusive space for students to work through their homework and studies.

  • Additionally, our volunteer tutors will present approaches used in post secondary settings to maximize success, such as guiding students in efficient note taking methods and personalizing the studying experience by discussing with the student to determine what studying methods are ideal to that individual.

  • From interaction and discussion in these group settings, we can also come to learn more about the student, and what they are interested in and where their skills lie; this leads us to be better prepared to guide them in the mentorship aspect of our program.

Exploration of Interests

  • Volunteer mentors of a wide variety of educational backgrounds will be available to discuss with students about their potential plans for the future. Drawing from their own experiences, the experiences of others, and from resources on post-secondary options available in Edmonton and elsewhere, we aim for volunteer mentors to have a comprehensive range of knowledge on different routes available to students based on the interests they show.

  • From there, students can begin to figure out what they want to do⁠—our mentors will help students set short term and long term goals for themselves based on what they discuss with the mentors, and spark their initiative to achieve these goals through self motivation and drive.

Our Three Step Method

Step 1: What is my goal?

We ask our students what it is they want to learn and what they do/don't know about it as of now.