DISCOVER is a program where students can get advice and academic support that is directly applicable to them. Post-secondary students and recent alumni are well seasoned in the many different experiences university and college life can bring, and are therefore great sources of advice, support, and guidance for students who find themselves unprepared in the face of their transition into post-secondary life.


This involves preparing students to face and overcome common challenges everyone faces when they enter any sort of post-secondary education, be it university, community college, or polytechnic schools, by equipping them with the skills to succeed.


  • Facilitating learning: We believe first and foremost in the acquisition of knowledge and developing the individual’s desire to learn. This is what will motivate them to continue and succeed in their academic careers.

  • Collaboration: Working with people of different ages, interests, and goals, in an environment of support and diversity leads both students and volunteers to learn from each other as we discuss what motivates us and how we plan to achieve our goals.

  • Personalization: We provide services catered to the distinct needs of each individual, with the knowledge that a one-size-fits-all approach, is not as enriching nor meaningful as getting to know individuals and giving guidance based on who the student is as a person.

  • Connection: As our volunteers are current post-secondary students and recent alumni, these individuals are in a unique position to relate to the experiences and hardships facing current students. this allows them to provide relevant advice while accounting for potential hardships and roadblocks they may face.

  • Communication: By recognizing who our demographic is, we have communication channels catered for them: namely social media, our website, and through email.