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DISCOVER first began in July 2019, and was incorporated as a non-profit society under the Alberta Societies Act in October 2020. The idea for this program began when University of Alberta students Nawreen, Justin, and Rishi were discussing the issues and challenges they faced upon entering post-secondary life. The dramatic increase in workload, the lack of teacher supervision and academic accountability, as well as the overwhelming amount of information that was needed in order to plan out their academic futures led them to realize how much they wished a guiding figure had been available to them. And thus, DISCOVER was formed: a group dedicated to providing clarity and assistance to future post-secondary students. 

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In our rapidly changing world, post-secondary education and training is only growing more and more important. At DISCOVER, we believe that anyone can succeed in these environments when provided with the necessary tools and guidance to survive the transition into what is effectively adulthood. We also understand that for many students, it may be difficult to envision their future or to understand the challenges to come. 

That is why DISCOVER is a non-profit initiative made up solely of current post-secondary students and recent alumni. We understand that oftentimes the most helpful advice comes from those with direct experience—those who can relate to the trials and tribulations of prospective and new students. Whether it be understanding homework help, program and graduation requirements, or planning out a prospective academic career, our volunteers aim to clear up any misconceptions and provide assistance when needed.

In addition, DISCOVER also provides free tutoring for students in junior high and high school, in order to offer academic support to those who need it. Whether it be simple homework help or exam preparation, DISCOVER mentors aim to assist students with their studies. We find that new post-secondary students often struggle with the dramatic change in study habits and the lack of teacher supervision that accompanies post-secondary life. Through our tutoring service, we aim not just to teach school material and help students earn the grades necessary to gain admission to the institutions they desire, but also to ingrain new and better study habits into their practice, paving the way for future success.