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About Us

Our Mission:
To equip students with the skills for success in post-secondary and beyond!

Our Vision:

To provide equitable access to free tutoring and mentoring

that will help students achieve their goals.

How We Accomplish This:

Through one-to-one online peer tutoring and workshops.


DISCOVER integrates soft skills into learning by focussing not just on what students learn, but how they learn. Skill-based pedagogy helps students build the foundation for their academic careers by promoting self-efficacy.



DISCOVER first began in July 2019, and was incorporated as a non-profit society in October 2020.

The idea for this program began when three University of Alberta students were discussing the issues and challenges they faced upon entering post-secondary life.

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Chester Lau

Volunteer Tutor

“Being part of Discover has allowed me to form a strong, long-term connection with my mentee. It is truly rewarding to see students build on important life skills over time while working with me, and apply these skills to help them succeed in school and beyond. As a strong believer that there should not be a cost to education and learning, I appreciate the non-profit model of this organization, which especially benefits low-income and underprivileged members of our community."
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"We founded DISCOVER based off of our own experiences with the transition from high school to post-secondary. It can be a challenging time for even the most academic-oriented students, but by sharing our experiences, our tips and tricks, we hope that we can make the transition a little less foreign. At DISCOVER, we want to help students think long term—about their goals and the skills they need to achieve them. We have built an amazing team of volunteers dedicated to the process of learning, and we hope to continue to offer accessible programming to students who need it!"

- Nawreen Hena

President & Executive Director

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